You will agree that studying in college can be a tough time from the start, and what you promise yourself and your best friend may be:

1. To keep contact. However busy or occupied with your studies you may feel, you will always find time to send these gooey and affectionate texts, saying you love them and wish they were here to share your troubles and joys.

As you go through your day, you are constantly reminded that you are in an entirely different company now, but for you, this is a notion you have to get used to. You have to go through several stages of acceptance to finally live with that feeling of being homesick. Some people find it easier to handle, others not so much, but anyway, it is still a challenge.

2. To avoid panic. When you wake up one day to realize you are separated by long distances and classes, it may come down on you like a revelation: you are now in college. For additional stress you will probably experience one of these days, when no one is around to share your secrets with, so call your besties or have a group chat on Skype, just to remind each other that though there are miles between us, there is still time for a friendly gathering and a night of nostalgia, however emotional that might feel.

3. To realize it isn’t that bad. As the college life starts to progress, you finally realize you are not alone in the world, and that being away from people you’ve known for all your life is not that unbearable, especially when you keep constant contact. It’s called the acceptance period, and is usually accompanied with the feeling that everything is going to be all right. At least we are all on one planet and can have an occasional get together on holidays. It’s time to pull yourself together and move on with your life. You can rely on some of essay writing service such as You can keep time and give writing an essay to skilled author.

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4. To find a whole new group of people to communicate with. If you are living in the dorm and having nightly conversations as you watch Netflix, it can seriously distract you from the earlier social connections. There is no need to be nervous, however, as it is the natural stage of any college life.

You finally feel like there is no turning back and getting to high school once again, and that realization suddenly doesn’t make you sad anymore. Yes, you still have your pals from school and they are constantly supportive, but you also have an entirely different company that you can go out with and not feel lonely. Here is what we advise: make your college experience last by taking a group pic. We bet you want to watch one of these at the graduation party.


5. To feel like there is no breakup at all. Once the group chats are a thing again, you begin to understand there was no breaking up with your previous circle of friends. As you start to catch up on the latest news and sharing gossip as you did a year ago, you have the amazing realization here is your comfort zone, and that gives you the fuzzy feeling inside.

Indeed, true bros cannot be separated by distances and classes, and college is just another phase. If you are not living in your home town, do not worry. You will always have someone you can count on in the most difficult life situations, and you are surely going to be occupied once the new year starts. No need to worry about company anymore – your dorm is that perfect combination of fun and serious that you’ve been looking for.