If you ever wanted to read between the lines of the greatest novels of our time and be an expert on books, consider it to be the lucky start.

1. Introduction to the Theory of Literature. What is literature and why do we bother reading the history? This Yale course is one mind-blowing explainer to the dichotomy of life, where nothing is black and white, but rather gray. Enjoy a twist in the tale and the psychology at the source of the genre. Theory studies have never been so captivating!

2. Literature and Ethical Values. If you love the Plato’s Dialogue and can ponder on ancient philosophy for hours, then this is your cup of tea. The ethics and morals will help you earn competing points in class, and if you are planning to do an arts major, you can indulge in the historical undertones. It’s also a nod to the classic Aristotle tradition of rhetorical art.

3. The Ancient Greek Hero. You may find this course in the archive, but we dare say its followers are alive and throbbing. Join the ancient Greek archetype study with the University of Harvard and explore the true meaning of the hero and the anti-hero concept, cherished by the ancient. The Olden Times come to life with a self-paced classic study at Harvard school.


4. Classical Literature: The Golden Age of Augustan Rome. This is a riveting exploration of one of the best ages of Latin literature. When Rome was a republic, it had a lot to offer. When Rome became what we know today, under Augustus Caesar, it was even better. You will study the literature of that period and the transition of the society from an old senate mode to an improved, imperial structure.

5. Renaissance Literature. This self-paced course is ideal for Renaissance lovers. It starts with the time of exploration (Columbus and such) and goes on to prove the Enlightenment period to be a manifestation of beauty and human wit. Together with the artists of old, you will share a vision on cultural aspects of the bygone era and take part in literary voyages with the most famous writers. If students feel they don’t manage to prepare any thesis about renaissance literature they can order some writing work in professional service. All writers of Professional-essay.org are ready to work with different topics about literature.

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6. Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Text, Culture, Performance. The University of Birmingham offers an engrossing study of the troubled Dane. Why does it remain so popular after five hundred years? Were Hamlet’s actions a natural respond to the tragedy of his life or is his madness delusional, from start to finish? There is a method, truly, in how encapsulating the studies are, and the prerequisite to emerge in the Shakespearean world seems justified.

7. Literary Studies: The Legacy of England. Britain is known as number one expert on gracefully deflating egos and telling people they are less than smart in an encouraging manner. From the Medieval ages to the 19th century, this enthralling course unravels the phases of British habitual repartees and eccentric responses that have earned the Isles an honorable place in the hall of ironic fame.

8. Gender identities. One of the most compelling on the list, this course deals with studies that reveal the prejudice on both female and male sides in popular literature. You will analyze Foucault and Butler to be able to tell a difference between gender norms in various countries and see how the traditions of literary narrative affect the general perception of the story.

You will read and comment on theoretical works as well, just to be sure you know when to step up if people start talking about gender. To be honest, we would like you to enroll in every one of these, given the chance.