How meditation help students to avoid stress

The University of California proves meditation is not some abstract knowledge that our brothers in India have been cultivating for centuries. It is a practical approach, resulting from the years of training and commitment. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on relaxation, though, if you have never tried yoga.

On the contrary, it works best for the newcomers. Freshmen and sophomores have been asked to participate in a test that involved some breathing exercises and a bit of yoga. They stayed together in a room, lit with aroma candles and listened to serene pieces. When the experiment ended, the majority of the participants claimed to be lulled by the warmth and general tranquil spirit, while others reported to have a strong energy flow.

They showed better results at the exam the next day, and seemed less sensitive to stress issues and situation. However, studies find that meditation does not work the same across the globe. Australian students, for instance, may require another methodic, and new approach for that matter.

If you are not likely to find yourself sitting in the same position for hours (which some of us enjoy), we recommend taking a long walk in the morning. It will clear your mind and help you with the self-discipline. Being surrounded by information all the time, we forget to analyze it in the process. The concept of critical thinking is crucial for any student, trying to get a degree, and can be achieved through learning exercises that include meditation.


Young female meditate in nature


It’s more like a mind game, if we are allowed to say that, and involves an activity that enables you to clear the head of all unnecessary troubles. For example, many of us panic even with the exams behind. Why worry over something that has already come to the end? Yes, we had our chances to revise before we stepped into that room of student’s hopes and dreams, but there is basically nothing we can do about it now. Yet the majority of us finds it hard to refocus.

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This is what meditation teaches you: every day is new day, and a new beginning. Even if you know there might be some points you haven’t covered to the full, it’s just a test, and you’ll have lots of them in the future. Living with roommates and gauging the university décor, some of the students do not realize that university is a passing phase. They put too much energy in the preparation and get stressed afterwards. We do not encourage you to ignore the studies in any way, but sometimes it is wise to look back and ask yourself if that’s really worth the trouble. That’s where the need for spiritual calmness arises, and that’s where meditation can find its way. Don’t forget about simple ways to write your academic works in time and without nerves. has the best writers to work with your order online. So you will be able to give more time to meditation and rest

There is a special state called Zen which has to do with self-control and doing stuff for the benefit of others. You get to observe your breathing and life from an inside perspective and then make conclusions as to the reason behind all that. You can reach Zen by mediating regularly. We rejuvenate the soul just as we rejuvenate the body. It’s like swimming in the ocean, but not literally, and trying to understand who you are and what you should expect from life.

Unfortunately, this practice seems to work only with the sophomore students as seniors are a bit closed-off and detached in terms of spiritual practices. Yet we encourage everyone to make their choice and partake in the wonderful act of self-exploration, combined with multiple studies and years of experience that come to us from the East, this cradle of learning, human soul and meditation practices.