1. Dynamite comes in small packages, as do all the great things, and it’s not an exception with the blueberry. This kind of candy won’t be harmful for your teeth, and can be even mixed with sugar if you don’t like the bitter aftertaste. It can be stored in the frozen form with all the properties saved, and fed to children without risk of getting allergic.

If you don’t like the pharmacy options of vitamins, you can go with the blueberry all the way. An ideal alternative for the winter, it contains antioxidants to protect you from all cold-accompanied diseases and is just an all-natural happy berry to lift the spirits! Have a healthy mix with the cereals every morning before work, and you’ll see the long-lasting effect! Blueberry may be one of the most popular foods for the stressed-out students as well.


2. This one may be a little surprising, but the coconut oil is just what you need in terms of cold-fighting and brain boosting. If you are studying for an exam, it can increase the memory capacities and add up to your performance. You can get a healthy amount of coconut from the chocolate bars you buy at the local store, and share the knowledge with your friends. We always knew there is something irresistible about the crunchy taste, and were right after all. Bounty is there to help us: it is a paradise in the nut. To get away from it all and enjoy the exotic flavor, you can order a coconut pizza or sauce, but we’d say that the chocolate bar is enough, which leads us to…

3. Cocoa. Cocoa is absolutely brilliant for the mind. It does miracles for students staying up late and lacking time to have a nutritious breakfast. We are not saying that this is a regular substitute for breakfast, but it can as well enrich us with protein, making an exam day a piece of cake.

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Worries aside, you won’t be disappointed with the effect. You can’t get too excited, though, as chocolate’s properties are only available in its darkest form, meaning you have to cut on the milk and white chocolate. Bad news for the lighter bars lovers around the world: you have to forget those snowy goodies. There is a golden rule in the healthy chocolate realm, and we have to get over it, whether we like it or not. The right chocolate bar contains 70% percent of cocoa and is not so sweet at all. Can’t say we are too excited.

4. Salmon. Fans of salmon, celebrate. If you like fish, it will definitely make your day to know that this is one of the most energetic foods ever. Nutritious and healthy, salmon makes your brain work better and reduces that fog effect you get every morning. Besides, it can be bought in your local store, which is a neat deal after all. You can choose between the farm fish and the wild fish, or you can catch one for yourself!


5. Salad oils. This is something Italians would love. Olive oil is a helper for your brain in times of need. If you want the vitamin E flow, go out to buy this Toscana originated dressing and enjoy the evening with a perfect Mediterranean mix. Just don’t forget you get the studies ahead. Healthy day!