1. Don’t get wasted. As much as some students may love a little of red wine (just 1 bottle, not too much :)) before dinner, they shouldn’t get too excited when it comes to alcohol.It might have a temporary effect on our bodies, creating an illusion of warmth, but that’s just a phase before the headache and overall freaky state comes.

Be careful with what you drink, especially in cold times, as it may slow down your body’s natural rhythms, making you susceptible to flu and running nose.

2. Drink tea. Tea in the ultimate gem fighter of all seasons. If you are also a fan of herbs, we can say you’ve found a surefire way out of the gem country. Adding mint to your daily beverage is another cool way to fight stress, and if there is milk in the fridge available, you can add a little Britishness in the way of things (which is always good). Professionals recommend a sip of tea in the morning and a cup or two when the sun goes down. For the balance.


3. The gym gem. Gyms are hotbeds of bacteria. Can you imagine a number of people exercising throughout the day? We say you take a pack of sanitizing wipes to clear the area and make sure your sneakers are cheap enough to step on that floor. You shouldn’t wear your best for the training session as well. It has to look clean and smell clean, and that’s about all the instructors require. Remember about people before you and after you, all with the individual towers and T-shirts. If that thought doesn’t make you want to apply that wipe of yours immediately, we don’t know what else can do.

4. Cleaning the working space. The basic rule is simple: you have to sanitize the touching space. What that might be? Well, it is basically everything that your hands or the hands of your colleagues may touch in the office, like calculators, tables, knobs, printers and faxes. You get to disinfect every inch of the working space every week or two. You can easily catch a gem if the armrests on your chair don’t look good enough. Yes, we mean it.

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5. Breathing sparingly. This may sound a little too harsh, but try to be that little sociophobe in the streets. Whenever you see a person within a walking distance who coughs and hiccups and sneezes with no end, you might want to cross the street. Similarly, avoid smoking people by holding your breath for a few seconds as they pass by. There are, of course, situations, where you don’t have to be too picky with your surroundings, such as crowding in the tube or the public transport, but if you have a chance to distance away just a little bit, we recommend you act on it!

6. Get the juice. You can get your daily vitamin amount with the juice. Create a mix of your own that suits your healthcare program best (orange juice, lemon juice, whatever it is you want) and carry on with that tradition. Ideally, you have to have at least one glass a day for the immune system. Since many people cannot afford wine feasts on a regular basis, a safer alternative will certainly do the trick.


7. Go along with nature. If you are not too obsessed with the perfume, you can try lavender oil. It can be bought in pharmacy store of every state and is safe to use. Besides, it acts as natural deodorant for your body. So if that Chanel aroma just doesn’t work for you, choose the mint scent or whatever it is to make you happy and fragrant!

8. Sweat more. This may sound ridiculous, but the more you sweat, the less chances are that you are going to catch the flu. There are a few possible solutions for this. You can either go jogging or pay a visit to the local dry sauna. Many people claim that after the daily sweating sessions they feel (apart from being rejuvenated) like all the toxins and the wastes have gone for long. Vive le sauna!

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