Here are some colleges you should definitely pay a visit to if you want to explore the unusual.

1. Antioch College. It is the kind of college every earthy crunchy type of student is dreaming of. They plant their crops in the yards and are concerned about global warming. Students have to undergo social practice before they graduate, and that doesn’t involve the college grounds.

The system called Co-Op preparation requires people to search for jobs elsewhere, because the teachers believe that the true learning that deals with real life is not in sitting, but in doing. This is the philosophy of this unusual place that is created for people who are independent and liberal minded to an extent.


2. Webb Institute. Located in Glen Clove, this establishment is the first one you can think of if you are considering a career in marine engineering. It is not only well-equipped with anything that might be helpful with the marine business, but also offers excursions and tours in winter.

There is a training called the Winter Work when the students get out of stuffy classrooms and relish in cool air surroundings, taking educational tour on boats and ships. They also get to communicate with the crew. Webb Institute thinks of learning as a never-ending process and doesn’t miss a chance to show you some good time, while you are in college. Can you imagine the scope of entertainment activities that are available? Some students prefer to write academic papers online with the service

3. St. John’s College. There is nothing really outstanding in this college, but this is just a first impression. Once you are enrolled, surprises keep showing up. First, there are no majors. Second, every student is obliged to learn Ancient Greek. The classes are usually not that large, which allows to pay individual attention to students and generally perform better. Teachers are not academics in the full sense of the word – they are more like tutors and mentors and will always help you out when necessary. Sometimes, you just have to let your hair down and drive away from noisy colleges with their system of education. Besides, French can be found in the plan, and it’s pleasing to know you’ll be an expert in two foreign languages when you graduate.

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4. Deep Springs College. Located in California districts, this place is far from ordinary. Featuring sauna and midnight runs, it provides its students with the best facilities for work and recreation. If you are into field trips, this kind of establishment may be just what you need. A regular weekend routine? Well, think of repairing the irrigation line and taking part in athletic competition afterwards.

The classes take up to 90 minutes, and the highest degree you can receive is the Associate’s. You may later opt for another college and just continue with your practice. You have to be generally strong and healthy to attend the course, because it requires a lot of energy from someone who is enrolled. We can’t say it’s exclusive, but you have to think twice before you go, as the active part is real here!

5. Bard College at Simon’s Rock. The charm of this college is in the detail. You can easily get acquainted with all the stuff – a total number of 350 students allows that. It’s not your big and bad Manhattan institutions or Hogwarts with all its passages and dorms. A secluded, cozy liberal arts establishment takes pride in being one of the most successful in the history of small American colleges, and we can guess why. After spending a year here, you say hello to literally everyone you meet on campus and it feels like a big and friendly family.