Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Window Repair or Window Replacement Toronto?

Should I repair or opt for window replacement Toronto? This is a common question asked by many Toronto homeowners. So, when should you replace or repair your windows? What are the indicators that your windows need repair rather than replacement?

The answer to this question is straightforward. Deciding whether to replace or repair your windows goes down to the cause of the problem. You have to identify the issue so you can then decide what will best solve the identified problem. We have listed some regular scenarios and recommended what should be done in each case. See more here for better understanding.

  1. Situation# Appearance.

Answer; Repair.

If your window is defective in its appearance and it has stubborn working hardware or chipped paint you should opt for a quick fix. You can sand and repaint the door’s exterior which is an easy job to accomplish.

 Even if you don’t like DIY projects, you can call professional paint from Toronto who will gladly accomplish this task for you.

Window Repair or Window Replacement Toronto?

  1. Situation #2 Dirty Glass.

Answer: Repair.

This is yet another straightforward fix. There are many washing detergents in the market you can purchase to clean your dirty windows. Again if you don’t like DIY, you can call professional window companies in Toronto to do the work for you.

However, make sure you inspect whether all the junk has been removed from the exterior surface. If the dust has clogged in the window panes or frame, exterior washing might not be effective so you should opt for both interior and exterior.

  1. Situation # 3 Condensation

Answer: Replace.

If you see condensation in between the glass panes that shows the seal is not working well. This significantly affects the energy efficiency of your windows since it allows air transference. This is not what you want, and you should consider window replacement Toronto as soon as possible,

  1. Situation #4 Hardware Malfunctions.

Answer; Repair.

If you are using a lot of energy to open your windows, it could be that the hardware is failing. Inspect your window hardware and look for dirt or debris build-up. If you notice that is the problem, you can use a soft, moist cloth or a vacuum and soap to clean it. You can also lubricate the hardware if that is necessary.

  1. Situation #5 Warped Frame

Answer; Replace

If you have inspected your hardware and it is in good condition, then the culprit could be the frame.it could be that the frame is warped or bend. There are no two ways here. The only option is to opt for Toronto window replacement.

  1. Situation #6 Windows Not Opening Or Closing

Answer; Replace.

This can be a serious threat if it happens. Remember these are exits and entry points, and if they cannot open or close, it can be a tragedy in case of accidental fires or any other danger. So if you see this, go for window replacement Toronto immediately