Writing an extraordinary Essay

There is a writing approach, called emotional narrative. It studies the feelings from the inside. Say, you’ve got a character, a bit flat, a bit vapid, and totally devoid of fire. What should one do to make it shoot? Create a dialogue that is believable.

Insert quotes that are relevant to the story, but don’t be too bounteous with these ‘serviceable substitutes of wit’. Personal journalism is a far cry from fiction where the narrator is king and shah. But before you dive into the next chapter like there is no tomorrow our biggest and best advice is to read.

You heard it right. For an aspiring student, though, it would be highly inappropriate to shallow the reading list to the essayists only. Try fiction, documentaries and fantasy. Start reading from Mahabharata to Shakespeare, and switch genres.

Also, one should organize personal space to the advantage and keep people away from your essay until it is finished. Not an easy task, we agree, but even your roommates can be a huge distraction at times. You should be alone and utterly alone while producing a worthy piece of writing, and it does not come at the drop of a hat. You should also carry a notebook around in case there is an urgency to put something down.

A young woman studying in the park with a laptop and textbooks

This will be your treasure chest of ideas, a hidden place for all things that come to mind in a flash of a second. Besides, you will be able to take a pick at some of your phrases later, when your teacher gives you an assignment.

Here is a tip from an experienced writer: always read aloud. Wherever you are alone or in a cafe full of people, do not forget to check how the rhythms are. Your sentences maybe okay on paper, but sound like a complete rubbish in oral form. Instead of merely writing that the sea was serene, tell us how the waves were crawling to the shore, how they licked the sand and retrieved to the ocean, languorous and murmuring blue. How the sun touched the sea and faded in the waters, celebrating the glowing glory of the mystery called ‘sunset’.

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If you are writing a descriptive essay, this trick might be helpful. The narrator is the guide, and the one the audience would like to follow. Your places should be places a reader might want to visit, your adventures full of detail and vibrancy. Try to order some paper writing at essay Professional-essay.org online. Then such written work can become an example how to compose it yourself.

You should also remember of the skeptic approach. Do not take the praise for granted if you feel like there’s still a lot you can do, and don’t snap back at people who are trying to help, especially if they are the esteemed writers with a solid expertise. The only way to improve yourself is to learn through the experience of others, that’s why we say: read a good book. Not just any book, but the one that makes your heart leap with joy.

Do you know the feeling of wanting to express something really badly and lacking words for it? Then you open your favorite work and voila – it’s all been said and done before you. Think of that embarrassing, disconcerting feeling you get every time you present your essay to the public.

We have news: that’s going to be with you forever. You cannot overcome a sensation of over-exposure even if you’ve earned a name in your course or your teacher loves you like a second son. You will always be worried. It’s like coming on stage for the first time. You think that the fear will fade away, but it doesn’t. It’s always the same. You have to step up and say your say even if the tensions are rising. Your essay is the reflection of yourself, and whether it is calm in pace or animated and lively solely depends on your perspective of the world.